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Amaretto Peach & Pecan Preserves
Chunks of sweet peach and pecan pieces touched with a light amaretto flavoring make this the perfect topping for toast or even a bowl of ice cream.
Raspberry Habanero Jelly
Treat yourself to a raspberry jam with an attitude! Great as a meat glaze especially on pork and beef.
Cranberry Habanero Jelly
Why wait for the Holidays to add a little "zing" to your taste buds. Great at Breakfast time and wonderful as a great Texas accent to any food! Of course great with Turkey or any other meat.
Mango Jalapeno Jelly
Taste of the Tropics - "Texas Style" Great as a Grilling sauce on chicken & Fish. Send a great big Texas howdy!
Country Blackberry Jam
Blackberries make a fine jam with the slightly tart flavor of a country morning.
Lone Star Jalapeno Jelly
This sweet, clear jelly is speckled with tiny bits of green and red peppers. Pour over cream cheese and serve on crackers for a delightfully different snack.
Strawberry Jam
Great tasting strawberry jam. Wonderful strawberry flavor thru-out this jelly
Texas Beer Jelly
Made with real beer. The alcohol disappears while the jelly is cooking, but the flavor remains. A unique and flavorful jelly.